SKINxFIVE by Dr. Ava Shamban

Ava Shamban M.D, founder of AVA MD clinics, has opened new concept SKINxFIVE (skin-times-five) at Westfield Century City. SKINxFIVE offers 5 of Dr. Shamban's leading multimodality technology-based services, focused on the prevention and correction, contouring and age delay. The concept provides services for those that want to look their best without breaking the bank.

I went in for the “Spotless”, a laser to clear acne, age spots & fine lines. We began with cleansing the face and then went in with the laser that felt like hot rain drops. I didn’t need any numbing creaming and I barely felt a thing. The laser helped focus on my breakouts and hyper-pigmentation to even the smoothness and color consistency of my skin creating new, firmer tissue with greater elasticity. The treatment was followed by serum, toner and of course, moisturizer/sunscreen to protect me from this Cali sun. The process took only about 30 minutes and I was only way with glowing skin. It's recommended to come once every 4 weeks to see the best results.

They offer 4 other face services as well as 5 body treatments to meet your beauty needs from head to toe. With convenient locations in West LA and the Palisades, SKINxFIVE is there for all your “derma deadlines”.

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